ACCESS Subject Matter Expert Opportunities

ACCESS teachers –

The ACCESS course development team is seeking teachers who are interested in serving as subject matter experts (SME) for a wide range of new development and revision projects this year. These projects will occur over the 2021-2022 school year, with course launches for the 2022-2023 school year. The course projects for this year are

  • Grade 6 new development
    • Grade 6 English
  • Grade 7 new development
    • Grade 7 Civics
    • Grade 7 English (revision for 2021 Alabama English Language Course of Study)
    • Grade 7 Geography
    • Grade 7 Health
    • Grade 7 Life Science
    • Grade 7 Media Arts, Music, or Theatre
    • Grade 7 PE
    • Grade 7 Visual Arts
  • Grade 8 new development
    • Grade 8 English (revision for 2021 Alabama English Language Course of Study)
    • Grade 8 Health
    • Grade 8 Media Arts, Music, or Theatre
    • Grade 8 PE
    • Grade 8 Visual Arts
  • High School CTE course of study revisions
    • Accounting
    • Business Software Applications
    • Career Preparedness
    • Personal Finance
  • High School English revision for 2021 Alabama English Language Course of Study)
    • English 9
    • English 10
    • English 11
    • English 12
  • Other High School courses
    • AP US Government
    • Latin I
    • Mathematical Modeling

The SME positions are paid positions that will require a significant time commitment. Pay will be based on the estimated time commitment for each course outside of the required training. All work can be done remotely.

If you are interested in learning more about the SME positions, please go to this link for more information and application instructions:

Please share this information with any other teachers who may be interested. You do not have to be an ACCESS teacher in order to serve as an SME for a course.


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