Technical Support

Computer Access

To participate in ACCESS Virtual Learning Web-based Instructional (WBI) courses, all students must have regular and consistent (a class period--no less than 90 minutes per day for a Block course, and 55 minutes per day for a traditional semester course) access to a computer with reliable Internet service during the school day. Headphones with microphones are highly suggested. Some courses (just like face-to-face courses) may require work to be done at home. If a student does not have a home computer, please notify the Web-based teacher and check with your public library.

To participate in Videoconferencing Instruction (VCI), the use of ACCESS VCI equipment is necessary. Also necessary is a close match in the course offering time to an open slot in the student's schedule. The time allotted for a VCI class should be as above - (a class period--no less than 90 minutes per day for a Block course, and 55 minutes per day for a traditional semester course).

  • To receive or send ACCESS Virtual Learning IVC courses, a school must have a virtual learning lab with videoconferencing equipment, ability to connect to multiple sites, and adequate bandwidth to handle the transmissions. To receive an online course, students must have a computer and high speed access to the Internet.


What is the difference between WBI and IVC?

Online or Web-based courses are asynchronous (do not need to be taught in “real time”). They utilize a Website portal, multimedia content, and an instructor (e-teacher). Participating schools may offer these courses at any time during the normal school day. In these courses, students work individually at computers during the school day and the e-teachers grade assignments, check emails, and send correspondence to students via technology at night. Students send their assignments to their teachers to be graded and communicate with their teachers via the ACCESS learning management system, email, telephone, videoconference, or Web conference. Schools must provide each student with a school-based, reliable, Internet-connected computer.

IVC courses are synchronous courses (taught at a designated time established by the sending school). These include real-time (two-way audio/two-way video) instruction and an Alabama-certified e-teacher. Students in these courses receive instruction (at a distance) from a teacher who is teaching the course to his or her face-to-face students. The IVC students are enrolled in the teacher’s class, but they receive instruction via technology. To participate, schools must provide access to an IVC equipped, H.323 standard school lab and a reliable Internet-connected computer.


Resource Where Found  How to Access 
Alabama Virtual Library Any/All course(s) See your School Media Specialist for AVL Website
eIMACs AP Computer Science See teacher for instructions
WebEx Minimum system requirements are found here Used by ACCESS teachers to communicate with students Requires Java Download
KompoZer Course Specific (Web Design I & II) Students need space to save work (hard drive or shared server space - no flash drives or CDs) Open Source - Download Instructions in Course
Schools must allow download

Troubleshooting Tips


• Minimum Computer Requirements for Online Courses:


  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 22 or higher
  • Apple Safari 6 or higher
  • Google Chrome 28 or higher



• Once your VCI equipment is working properly, take a picture of all connections for reference.

• Place labels on the VCI equipment and cables.

• Who does the teacher/facilitator contact if a VCI connection doesn’t work?

  1. School-level technology coordinator
  2. District Technology Contact
         District may need to contact Alabama Super Computer
  3. Regional Support Center